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Astro photography in South Africa

Astro photo opportunities in South Africa

South Africa has some of the least light polluted skies in the world and astro photo opportunities are immense in the largest parts of the Country.

Astro photography in Sutherland


Sutherland is almost in the middle of nowhere, this beautiful little town of Sutherland is home to SALT (Southern Africa Large Telescope) the biggest telescope in Africa. Due to the fact that this small village is situated far from other light pollution, it is the perfect place to do stargazing or astro photography and that is exactly what it’s famous for. Being halfway between Chile and Australia, it was the perfect place to set up the telescope. As Sutherland is also famous for being the coldest place in South Africa during winter, so be warned.

Astro photography in the Kalahari

Kalahari kgalagadi

The kalahari heritage park has been declared a international dark skie status recognising its value in todays light poluted skies across the globe. Clear skies are almost a given in the Kalahari and that is what photographers need for good star exposures. The unes, camelthorn trees, shepherd tress and other shrubs or flowers are all good foreground interests

Astro photography in the bushveld


The bushveld region described here is the area of the Kruger national park and adjacent bushveld.