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South Africa, the land created for the camera!

Here's how to, "Capture, Share, Inspire the greatest country in the world"

Restoring the forgotten parts of  South Africa with the camera by capturing  & sharing its beauty to inspire involvement of all role-players and ultimately improved sustainable tourism.                                              No artificial intelligence on this webpage.

This platform was designed to improve and best capture and share the best images / videos to promote travel to South Africa. 

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South Africa's premier photo competition platform. No Artificial intelligence on this page. Powered by Joe's Camera
Photo competition photographing SA south africa

2024/25. Photographing South Africa. Enter one of the competitions. CLICK IMAGE

Best competitions in South Africa. R500000 rand worth of prizes.

  1. PhotographingSA competition. R500000 prizes

  2. Kgalagadi competition. R300000 prizes

  3. Overstrand competition.  

Lesotho chief and young boys photographing SA

Photographing South Africa. CLICK IMAGE

Top photography locations, destinations & opportunities. 

You are at the right place if you want to know how to capture the best images in South Africa. Wildlife, landscapes, people and cultures, astro, seascapes, Towns and Villages, travel, underwater, macro and more.

South Africa greatest country Winelands landscape

accolades / awards for South Africa. 

South Africa receives award for Greatest country in the world. 

We knew it.... that's why we created this platform to photograph it, but South Africa has just received the accolade for the greatest country in the world. July 2023.  South Africa, has officially been voted 'The Greatest Country in the World' by nearly 30,000 experienced travelers who voted for their favorite destinations, airlines, and travel companies across the globe (among other categories) in this year's Telegraph Travel Awards!

Articles and information

Want to showcase the beauty of your town/region. LAUNCHING WITH NEW SERIES SOON. 

"Capture share inspire" & "photo town" Projects

Let us Capture the beauty of your town and share it with the world through our unique "Capture Share Inspire" concept. 

We are also looking for the most photogenic towns of South Africa.

Articles and information

Photographing autumn in Western Cape. CLICK IMAGE


Read the informative article on Photographing autumn colors in South Africa's Western Cape.

Best road stalls and stops on routes

Shops and stops on route.

Accommodation, Shops and stops on route

Shops and stops on route to your destinations are just as part of the experience as the destination itself.

Photographic safaris in south africa

Photographic centered and specialized holidays in South Africa.

Photographic specialized tours holidays & safaris

Join us on specialized photographic specific tours, holidays or get us to assist with planning, equipment, risk management, recommended accommodation, routes etc.

Photographing south africa season 2 Capture share inspire

Click image to watch series 

 COMING SOON: New 'Photographing South Africa" Series by Joes Camera You Tube

Watch the new upcoming series on Joe's Camera. Subscribe or support by becoming a member of the channel. New membership benefit coming soon. Also visit for more info on Joes Camera You Tube channel.

Photographing south africa gemsbok fighting

Click image to view Photographers work

Photographers and images for sale.

Participating photographers work for sale.