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Kalahari landscape photographic opportunities

The vast Kalahari region spanning across a couple of beautiful countries in Southern Africa is one of the forgotten or undiscovered landscape locations. Most of the kalahari has not been discovered and almost the whole area can produce world class images.


Dunes photography

The Kalahari is the land of sand and it therefore is synonymous with red sand dunes across its territory and although many photographers stream to different areas they capture by far the animal life inhabited by the dune fields and not the dunes as a main subject. As a matter of fact photographers prefer the massive red sand dunes of the Namib in specific the Sossusvlei area in Namibia. The great opportunities to capture dunescapes near or far is still open for most serious photographers.


Camelthorn landscapes

Camelthorn trees are synonymous with the Kalahari region rolling over the dunes of South Africa Botswana and Namibia. It is the centre piece of macro habitats to survive in this semi desert and need to be the centre of attraction of landscape photographers. The form great subject matters in general landscapes, astro photography, high key photography, bird photography, and other artistic photographic options.


Astro tourism in the Kalahari

The kalahari heritage park has been declared a international dark skie status recognising its value in todays light poluted skies across the globe. Clear skies are almost a given in the Kalahari and that is what photographers need for good star exposures. The dunes, camelthorn trees, shepherd tress and other shrubs or flowers are all good foreground interests