PhotographingSA galleries

Galleries participating in Capture share inspire series.

Galleries . PhotographingSA program.

Photographing South Africa platform is creating platforms for photographers/ filmmakers to share their work throughout the country in selected Hotels, Guest houses/ lodges/ restaurants/ offices, to stimulate the economy of photographers and tourism with all platforms of photographingSA by;

1. Identify guest houses lodges hotels, and businesses to act as galleries for selected Photographers showcasing the beauty of the country

2. Photographing South Africa will provide platforms to be able to share and select the best work of photographers to be displayed at these outlet points/galleries

3. Guest houses/ lodges participants will be used to host events associated with photography throughout the year.

4. The different Facebook pages and other social media platforms of photographingSA will be used to select or source the best images to be displayed at galleries through competitions, projects etc

5. Lodges that form part of the Photography South Africa platform will be given mileage via the photographing South Africa platforms therefore getting free marketing for these lodges and In turn the lodges/Guesthouse/Lodge galleries must promote photographingSA platforms via links on their websites, social media pages

6. The lodge/guest Gallery will comply with certain specifications to ensure that the images that are displayed in the gallery will be treated with the level of professionalism it deserves

7. These participatory guest houses / lodges will act as portals to display visual beauty of that immediate area and thus South Africa that will all be linked for the sake of marketing on the platform of photographing South Africa and grinding platform to assist more with the marketing of individual outlets, down regions, and the country itself

8. Photographers that want to be part of the platform must do so in the platform of photographing South Africa by subscribing to Joe’s camera to administrates organize and maximize the work of photographer that will include the relevant discounts to the framing of images and the printing of images as per the Joe’s camera Different level benefits.

More about this exciting project soon.