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Overberg floral kingdom

Overberg flowers

There are over 8500 plant species in the Overberg and most of these species can be found nowhere else on earth. This paints the picture of the opportunities to photograph flowers in the Overberg. The Overberg is a winter rainfall area and flower season starts around August when the canola's flower and cover the landscapes in gold. September , October, November are good months to dust off the cameras.
Canola landscapes overberg


Canola flowers throughout Overberg and Western Cape

Canola season starts from End of July towards September .


Fynbos flowers throughout Overberg

General season starts around September and peak towards November December and January. Orchid season is in January and February

Flowers along routes

General flowers on route through the Overberg

During flower season there are many flowers blooming along the major and minor roads in Th Overberg. Although its dangerous to stop next to major roads there are entrances to farms that allow for safer stops to capture IMAGES. Bear in mind that climbing fences are not permitted without permission.