Located in the North West province - Rustenburg


Very easy to get to with a good national road infrastructure. (N4). We usually visit this reserve as day visitors. A very clean picnic site. There are a variety of beautiful hiking trails – with a varying degree of difficulty. We typically do the Peglarae trail which is a 5km hike and not too difficult. The rock formations seen on this trail are simply beautiful. One would need to carefully consider walking this or any of the other trails with your expensive camera in case of falling. I usually use my i-phone or my small point and shoot when on this trail. In the rest of the reserve using your camera is fine


Some rustic camp sites (no electricity) only. There are some overnight hiker’s huts as well - I cannot comments on these facilities


We check in at the gate – very affordable for pensioners. If wanting to camp – then the website directly

Photo opportunities

Landscapes – a very rocky area so this is very interesting from a landscape point of view with accent trees /plants. I also find many opportunities to do Infra-red landscapes and trees here. There are Sable, Eland and other antelope as well. Although not done ourselves yet - we understand that Birdlife Rustenburg organize an owl evening annually which could be something special to explore


Landscapes , many rock formations and beautiful trees