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Photographing Kalahari gemsbok park in the Kgalagadi transfrontier park. A overview

Joe Lategan

The Kalahari region covers most of Botswana, Large portion of Namibia into Angola and the north western part of South Africa. The Kgalagadi Transfrontier park however is the smaller area that joins South Africa and Botswana and made up by the Kalahari gemsbok park in South Africa and the Gemsbok park in Botswana.

Without a doubt the best area within the Transfrontier park is the South African Kalahari gemsbok park section. 95% of all the good images are capture in the South African side. When staying in the Botswana side however at the right lodges, the Botswana side has access to the South African side and drive on the South African roads in any case. If it sounds confusing it really is on paper but just the opposite in reality. Botswana and South Africa make use of the same roads for game drives.

For more information such as listed below watch and subscribe to Joe's camera on YouTube and scroll down to the links below. Kgalagadi photography provides the following resources for photographers amongst others,

  • Assist photographic Tourists planning to visit the Kalahari region, Kgalagadi park, and other tourist destinations on route and around

  • Photographic competitions

  • Information for photographers from beginners, serious and professional,

  • Recommended Accommodation through discounts and video,

  • Recommended Restaurants through discounts and visuals,

  • recommended 4x4 hire,

  • Recommended Outdoor equipment and more on route and around the Park.

  • Book Online coaching and consultation sessions on travel, wide range of photographic subjects like how to photograph species and animal

  • species itself.

  • Providing visual content that promote the Kalahari region's natural resources and people around the Transfrontier park through images,

  • social media and video.

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