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Photographing Lesotho

Photographing Lesotho

The mountain kingdom of Lesotho is landlocked by South Africa and therefore a great add on destination or visa versa for the traveling photographer.

People of Lesotho. .

Photographing People of Lesotho

For the photographer Lesotho is a country of Landscapes and people. Little wildlife can be found or is worth hunting to be photographed. There are many other subjects around Lesotho to photograph. The majority of Lesotho is rural and it is this rural people that is the great surprise. They appear to live traditionally as they have lived almost 200 years ago. There is a peaceful spirit one encounters when travelling through the interior and outlaying areas, probably more so than elsewhere in Africa and the essence of this spirit in and around the people allures photographers to attempt to capture and share with the world.

Landscapes of Lesotho.

Photographing Landscapes of Lesotho

Lesotho is not called the Mountain kingdom of Africa for no reason. It is the country with the highest low point of any country in the world. Yes that include the Himalayan countries and the countries traditionally know for the highest mountains. One travel on almost no straight or level road. It is always up and down. No wonder the horse is the Basotho's 4x4. The terrain is so mountainous that exploring it comes very difficult. Lesotho still begs to be photographed in a serious way by serious photographers. Maybe good in the sense that it does leave for some wild country to be photographed when there is no wilderness or little photographed countries left.

Dams engineering.

Photographing Dams in Lesotho

Lesotho is the water basin of Southern Africa and its engineering feats with technologically advanced dams are remarkable and acknowledged internationally. And although dams are not the most popular subjects to photograph by the serious photographer, some dams in the world are beautiful within their surroundings. Lesotho's dams fall within this category and if worked hard can bring some great results. The life around these dams are also very interesting and worth spending time in.