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Cape to Namibia/ Kgalagadi route
Road stalls between Cape and Kgalagdi / Namibia
The Cape to Namibia route is becoming increasingly more popular year on year. A large portion of the vehicles turn off at Vanryjnsdorp or Springbok to travel through the Northern Cape especially Kgalagadi region.

"Pitstop" padstal. Between Piketberg and Piekenierskloof pass

Small road stall with meals on order with a rustic farm atmosphere.


Fuel, restaurants and more

Piekenierskloof- "Kardoesie" padstal

Road stall with lots of take aways, coffee, preserves, and most things you want in a road stall.

Piekenierskloof- "De Toll" padstal

Fresh roosterkoek daily. Always a reason to stop. This old time favourite has been taken over and almost completely done over. Piekenierskloof wines are situated at the same stop.

Piekenierskloof wines

On the same stop as De Toll road stall.

"De Kleine Schuur" padstal

Newish road stall where previously there has been many attempts to get a road stall going.

Klawer fuel and food stop.

One of the major popular stops situated almost there where you have to fill up.

Brandvlei Windpomp restaurant . Fuel and food.

Situated in a town of Brandvlei or on the main road without needing to turn off. The Windpomp is famous for its chicken wraps for the children. It takes a while but everything is done fresh and the kids believe it is worth the wait. Also important to support these small towns economy.

Brandvlei "Boesmanland" take aways.

Super Droe wors and biltong made right here by the owner. And sandwiches always fresh and just about the cleanest neatest stop along the route. You have to support these old people that can tell you everything about the boesmanland or the area.

Kenhardt- "Ouma Miemsie" coffee stop

The newest addition to the coffee stops between VanRyjnsdorp and Upington an done of the biggest surprises. Every thing is done with pride.