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People and cultures in South Africa

People and cultures

South Africa is called the rainbow nation because of the diverse cultures and backgrounds. There are 11 official languages and it has a rich variety of international cultures like Indian, Chines, Portuguese and many others that have been inhabited in South Africa from the early 1600's. The Khoi and San people have been the first and evidence could prove them to be the very beginning of ancient man. Photo opportunities are extremely good and not yet explored widely.
Khomani san

Khomani San.

Khomani San

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Fishing communities

Fishing community.

Fishing communities.

South Africa's long coastline causes it to have a rich fishing community that stretches from the Natal coastline in the east all around South Africa to the Orange river in the west. Careful planning can help capturing the various fishing life styles along the coast.

Central South Africa

Karoo cultures.

Central South Africa

The people of the Karoo are rich in diversity and a friendly melting pot of cultures. From Afrikaans farming communities to local coloured people with a rich history that make for beautiful portraits.