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Top Wildlife Photography locations

South Africa is one of the top wildlife photography destinations in the world. The Kgalagadi and Kruger national parks are undoubtedly the two top national wildlife photographic parks. The Addo elephant, Mountain zebra parks also compete and world class images can be captured in them. Besides national reserves, private game reserves around these parks especially around the Kruger national park compete with the Kruger and the parks in some instances and outperform the Kruger in some aspects. The areas around the Kgalagadi Park in South Africa, Botswana and Namibia are also expanding into excellent private game reserves with great photographic potential sometimes designed to benefit wildlife photographers.
Kgalagadi transfrontier park

Kalahari gemsbok park. CLICK ON IMAGE

Kgalagadi Transfrontier or Kalahari gemsbok park

The Kalahari gemsbok park or South African side of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier park is arguably one of the top national park locations on the planet for the widest wildlife photo opportunities. It certainly competes as the best wildlife photo destination in Africa and a unique and true wilderness area.

Kruger national park area

Kruger national park. CLICK ON IMAGE

Kruger national Park

Kruger national park (south african side ) is world famous and more popular than the kgalagadi and more visited due to its size and large camps. Here you can photograph anything that lives in africa in the most exquisite bushveld settings. The spectrum of living organisms to photograph is mind boggling. From Elephant to the smallest of insects. What makes the Kruger area so popular is that there are endless private reserves around the park in South African side that are more photographer friendly. ( covered separately) .

Private reserves around Kruger national park

Private reserves.

Private reserves around Kruger.

The Kruger national park is world famous and one of the oldest in the world. Fences around the park have been removed and private reserves have been providing world class opportunities for the discerning safari lover. The private reserves also allow for photographers to have a more intimate experience and photographers are better catered for at a much more expensive rate obviously. They know the movement and behavior of animals from day to day and takes away all the guess work in location wildlife.

Private reserves around Kruger national park

Other reserves.

Summary of Other good photographic reserves.

Pilansberg, Kgaswane, Madikwe, Marakele, Mokala, Mapungupwe, Mountain zebra, Addo, Kgalagadi transfrontier, Kruger, Chobe, Elephant plains Sabi Sands, Antares bush lodge Grietjie, Buffelshoek tented camp Maneyaleti, Marievale bird sanctuary, Rietvlei nature reserve, Aloe farm, Namaqua national park, Augrabies, West coast national park, Botswana tuli camp Mohave and Serolo camps, Namibia Etosha national park, Namibia Sossusvlei, Namibia Swakopmund area.