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Karoo beautiful towns

Karoo old photogenic towns

The Karoo is a special region in South Africa for travellers from all over the world and its old towns are at a stage where they will perish completely in the next decade or can be saved for future generations. Tourism will be the only sustainable facilitator to the economies. Fortunately some are showing a slow turnaround. It s photographic opportunities are great and unique. Photographers are the first line of travellers that can assist tourism.
Richmond NC Karoo

Richmond Karoo

Photo opportunities in town are of the best in the Karoo and South Africa especially historical architecture. If Sunset or sunrise colours blankets the town it adds that special dimension. To capture its beauty will take more than three days if the town is used as a base and landscapes around town are also explored.

Hanover karoo

Hanover Karoo

Like Richmond, Hanover its neighbouring town, offers beautiful structures with an old world charm. Similarly the town should be used as a base to explore landscape photo opportunities.

Van Rhynsdorp

Van Rhynsdorp

Van Rhynsdorp is a popular stay over for those traveling to and from Namibia as well as for travellers to the Kgalagadi region or Karoo Highlands and other parts of the Northern cape.