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Bird photography

Bird photography

South Africa is a great destination for bird photographers and can be practiced throughout the Country. There are the obvious opportunities to photograph rare birds and there are great opportunities to capture raptor, prey or bird and prey interactions.

General bird photographyy

General bird photography

From South Africa's national bird the Blue Crane to Pel's Fishing Owl and many more, the variety of habitats in the country means that South Africa offers some of the best birding spots in the world. South Africa is home to over 10 percent of the species of birds in the World. The country has a wide range of habitats which is why the country has such a wide variety of avian life. Southern Africa is home to many rare and endemic species, making it a paradise for twitchers. What follows below is a guide to what are considered to be some of the best birding spots in South Africa specifically for photographic reasons.

Bird photography travel

General birding photography while birdwatching and traveling.

Everywhere you travel in South africa you can photograph birds endemic to that area , some very rare and sought after throughout the world.

Bird photography Concentrated areas.

Special bird photography areas or photographers wanting to capture bird behavior or interaction with other species.

There are fantastic bird photography locations in South Africa . The Kalahari gemsbok park in the Kgalagadi transfrontier is world class for raptor hunting photography as is Kruger national park. Mkuze game reserve , the wetlands in south africa and the botanical gardens spread throughout are also hugely popular by bird photographers.